Volkmann Straßen- und Verkehrstechnik

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Volkmann Strassen-
und Verkehrstechnik

Your partner for traffic management and safety

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As part of the internationally operating VR Group, we combine innovative technology with many years of experience in the sector to ensure that traffic can be managed safely both now and in the future.

Vsv About us Lane marking
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Our experienced employees help you to select the optimal solution from the diverse range of technical options.

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We offer you efficient demarcation methods that deliver effective results.

Vsv About us Demarcation
Vsv About us High-pressure water technology
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High-pressure water

Innovative technology for the efficient and economical cleaning and demarcation of roads.

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Steel protective barriers

Effectively and safely direct construction site traffic using the right products.

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Mobile safety barriers

Our effective access barriers are designed for mobile use and can secure public areas and planned facilities.

Vehicle safety barrier Claw access barrier
Vehicle differentiation Traffic control system
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Vehicle differentiation

Modern traffic management uses digital vehicle differentiation systems to specifically divert or redirect individual road users.

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Ground penetrating radar

Your Partner for locating roots, utility lines and contaminated sites.

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About us

Get to know us and find out more about our range of services and what we can do for you.

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