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A company of the VR Group

Together with our partners in the VR Group, our portfolio covers almost the entire range of products and services for the traffic safety and road equipment sector. We can call on numerous effective and compatible systems during the consultation and planning processes that can be combined to form effective traffic management concepts.

At VSV – Volkmann Strassen- und Verkehrstechnik, we combine the agile development of tailor-made, innovative traffic technology with the consistently high performance capabilities of an industry heavyweight in order to reliably deliver the highest levels of quality and safety.

Orange Line Skewed

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Vsv Standorte Deutschland
Orange Line Skewed

Volkmann Strassen- und Verkehrstechnik GmbH
Hohe Straße 9 - 17
56410 Montabaur

Orange Line Skewed

Volkmann & Rossbach

VSV – Volkmann Strassen- und Verkehrstechnik – is a spin-off of Volkmann & Rossbach GmbH & Co. KG that was founded in 2020. As part of the internationally operating VR Group, VSV can provide expertise, services and products that go far beyond its own portfolio.

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